Liepos 2008


    The new Wirtgen WR 2000 XL stabilizer/recycler is an updated model of the WR 2000 introduced in 2005. The WR 2000 XL adapts to North American requirements with an industry standard 8-ft.-wide drum (instead of 6-ft., 7-in. on the WR 2000), and cuts up to 20 in. deep with its heavy duty 25MM cutter teeth. This unit also eliminates the cab found on the existing WR 2000.

    The all-new WR 2000 XL is a state-of-the-art, 400 hp-class stabilizer/reclaimer which gives heavy contractors and roadbuilders a high-performance alternative to the larger, WR 2400 at 563 HP and the industry-standard, 670-hp WR 2500 S from Wirtgen.

    In addition to dry stabilization, it stabilizes with emulsions, and can be equipped with a high capacity water pump for dry soil conditions, or cement or lime stabilization projects. These proven systems have been used on the larger WR 2500/WR 2500 S stabilizer/recyclers for years, and the WR 2000 XL incorporates 40 percent parts in common with its "big brothers".

    Its 6-cylinder OM 457 LA Mercedes engine meets EPA Tier III regulations, with 422 continuous horsepower. Its cutter features a V-belt drive with an automatic belt tensioner with four speeds, from 112 to 181 rpm. This feature delivers maximum hp to the cutter with less maintenance than older-design chain or hydraulic drive systems.

    The unique cutter system is a floating hood design with a hardened steel housing, with multiple wear plate inserts to minimize wear. The cutter drum has bolt-on end rings which are easy to service.

    Material size is controlled by use of a hydraulically adjustable, manganese-lined breaker bars that can be remotely adjusted by the machine operator to tighten or close down the area between the rotating drum and the impact bars. The machine has all-wheel steering and incorporates the same-size tires both front and rear for maximum tractive effort.

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